Keep up with the games we play.
Consider yourself enlightened.


Join in on the discussions.
Deep thoughts all around.

Blue Posts

Can't get enough Blizzard news?
We collect them all! Eventually...

We Want You


... So Bad (Unless You're a Twat)

Once again, the epicness that is Connect Gaming
-is recruiting!

Come, take our wrinkly hands and join us.
Overwatch is where it's at!

You need to have aged at least 25 years.
We're too old for your shit.

Apply to Join The Clan!


The most stupids of all the 1337 clans


The Short Version

We're an adult clan full of retards hailing from many different nationalities. We play for the love of the games, for the stupidity of epic proportions and for the comradeship that comes with a clan like Connect Gaming.