Blue Posts


Welcome to Connect Gaming

We are the premiere clan for the adult gamer.
The Glorious PC Master Race smiles upon us as we enter the servers, ready to… Meh, who are we kidding? We’re just a bunch of idiots rambling on Discord and playing games together.

Nothing fancy here. Not at all.

Join us!
Join Connect Gaming!


Our Main Focus These Days

But not limited to, however.

World of Warcraft
Kick DPS!
Change Widow!


Here’s What They Say About Us

Connect Gaming? Never heard of ’em…
-Our biggest fan
Not these guys again…
-Member of another clan whose server we "enjoyed"
Fucking hackers! Imma report you to the admin!!
-Some salty guy on a server
/ user has left the voice channel /
-A dude who loved chatting with us ingame

As you can see, we’re all the rage.


The Short Version

We're an adult clan full of retards hailing from many different nationalities. We play for the love of the games, for the stupidity of epic proportions and for the comradeship that comes with a clan like Connect Gaming.

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