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02/08/2017 9:21 am  

If you're looking to join the clan, here's a few pointers for you:


Make sure to get to know the members.
Register on the website and post in the forums. Get on our Discord and introduce yourself and participate in the conversations. Don't be afraid to be weird, most of us are completely and utterly stupid- most likely weirder than you.

Play with us.
Ask to join a couple of games to see if we're really what you're looking for. If there's room, you'll be invited. Play fair, don't be an elitist prick and don't whine and rage to the point where you come off as a child.

Don't be a dick.
Pretty self-explanatory, but for reference read this: connect-gaming.com/terms
It's what we stand for, and so should you. The Discord #welcome channel has the short version.


That's about it.
Good luck!

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