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kaaai3 RE: Hand Simulator  

By kaaai3, 4 months  ago

Random Nonsense
  The simulators are getting worse and worse.
Ca9ine Hand Simulator  

By Ca9ine, 4 months  ago

Random Nonsense
  Yes.This is a thing.
Ca9ine Join Connect Gaming  

By Ca9ine, 4 months  ago

How To
  If you're looking to join the clan, here's a few pointers for you:   Make sure to get to know the members.Register on the website and post in the forums. Get on our Discord and introduce yourself and ...
Ca9ine Pretty Much  

By Ca9ine, 5 months  ago

Redkate RE: Raid Team  

By Redkate, 6 months  ago

  Gèmma; Demonology Warlock, ilvl 882/(maybe) Shadow priest, ilvl 849 at the moment (working to get better :D) Would love to join and available most evenings, just Saturday's I'm not on as I take my mom...
Gyngestol RE: Raid Team  

By Gyngestol, 6 months  ago

  SonicBeast frost DK ILVL 888 DPS / BLOOD DK if needed 🙂
Karanai RE: Vote on which raid to start  

By Karanai, 6 months  ago

  I have no problems with starting with Tomb of Sargeras we all seem to gel well as a group in mythics. 🙂
najentus RE: Raid Team  

By najentus, 6 months  ago

  Najentus: Fury warrior Ilvl896 ,not sure if I can join on fixed times (du to work and othere hobbys ) , but happy to join If I can. btw Mr Fistelkvists jokes are hardly even 825, but still hes a good ...
Absum RE: Vote on which raid to start  

By Absum, 6 months  ago

  I say straight into ToS. Most of us are ilvl 900 or thereabouts. No need to beat around the bush.
Alexa RE: Vote on which raid to start  

By Alexa, 6 months  ago

  ToS sounds fine 🙂 I know I won't be part of the normal raid team but just thought I would give in my penny as well 😀
degas RE: Vote on which raid to start  

By degas, 6 months  ago

  I could go for ToS as well.  Think it would be a nice challenge.
revoh Vote on which raid to start  

By revoh, 6 months  ago

  Hi Guys,   This thread is a vote on which level you'd like to start at. Once we have enough people signed up in the raid team thread, i will start organising our first legit raid.    Personally, from ...
Fistelkvist RE: Raid Team  

By Fistelkvist, 6 months  ago

  Fistelkvist protection paladin main here Ilevel 896 atm. I can´t attend on fixed times since my schedule at work is constantly changing from week to week. But if you need me, and im availible, I gladl...
Karanai RE: Raid Team  

By Karanai, 6 months  ago

  Obadia - 901 ilvl Prot pally or Ret pally what ever is needed I also have a DH and DK around the 900 ilvl mark Available in the evenings for raiding and mythics+    
Ibzaraki RE: Raid Team  

By Ibzaraki, 6 months  ago

  Ibzaraki Prot Paladin 874 Schedule in the week  is a bit hectic but there might be a day or two that I can make it to a raid. Available most weekend evenings. If you need a tank and I am available I w...
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