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kaaai3 RE: Hand Simulator  

By kaaai3, 11 months  ago

Random Nonsense
  The simulators are getting worse and worse.
Ca9ine Hand Simulator  

By Ca9ine, 11 months  ago

Random Nonsense
  Yes.This is a thing.
Ca9ine Join Connect Gaming  

By Ca9ine, 11 months  ago

How To
  If you're looking to join the clan, here's a few pointers for you:   Make sure to get to know the members.Register on the website and post in the forums. Get on our Discord and introduce yourself and ...
Ca9ine Pretty Much  

By Ca9ine, 11 months  ago

Redkate RE: Raid Team  

By Redkate, 12 months  ago

  Gèmma; Demonology Warlock, ilvl 882/(maybe) Shadow priest, ilvl 849 at the moment (working to get better :D) Would love to join and available most evenings, just Saturday's I'm not on as I take my mom...
Gyngestol RE: Raid Team  

By Gyngestol, 12 months  ago

  SonicBeast frost DK ILVL 888 DPS / BLOOD DK if needed 🙂
Karanai RE: Vote on which raid to start  

By Karanai, 12 months  ago

  I have no problems with starting with Tomb of Sargeras we all seem to gel well as a group in mythics. 🙂
najentus RE: Raid Team  

By najentus, 1 year  ago

  Najentus: Fury warrior Ilvl896 ,not sure if I can join on fixed times (du to work and othere hobbys ) , but happy to join If I can. btw Mr Fistelkvists jokes are hardly even 825, but still hes a good ...
Absum RE: Vote on which raid to start  

By Absum, 1 year  ago

  I say straight into ToS. Most of us are ilvl 900 or thereabouts. No need to beat around the bush.
Alexa RE: Vote on which raid to start  

By Alexa, 1 year  ago

  ToS sounds fine 🙂 I know I won't be part of the normal raid team but just thought I would give in my penny as well 😀
degas RE: Vote on which raid to start  

By degas, 1 year  ago

  I could go for ToS as well.  Think it would be a nice challenge.
revoh Vote on which raid to start  

By revoh, 1 year  ago

  Hi Guys,   This thread is a vote on which level you'd like to start at. Once we have enough people signed up in the raid team thread, i will start organising our first legit raid.    Personally, from ...
Fistelkvist RE: Raid Team  

By Fistelkvist, 1 year  ago

  Fistelkvist protection paladin main here Ilevel 896 atm. I can´t attend on fixed times since my schedule at work is constantly changing from week to week. But if you need me, and im availible, I gladl...
Karanai RE: Raid Team  

By Karanai, 1 year  ago

  Obadia - 901 ilvl Prot pally or Ret pally what ever is needed I also have a DH and DK around the 900 ilvl mark Available in the evenings for raiding and mythics+    
Ibzaraki RE: Raid Team  

By Ibzaraki, 1 year  ago

  Ibzaraki Prot Paladin 874 Schedule in the week  is a bit hectic but there might be a day or two that I can make it to a raid. Available most weekend evenings. If you need a tank and I am available I w...
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