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POSTED BY Ca9ine 06/08/2013

Connect Gaming

That has an awesome ring to it, don’t it?
Yeah, it does! And you know what? We’re recruiting again.

How to apply to join, you say? By clicking the big shiny “G” below, say we!




Once your application had been received, Connect Gaming will vote to accept you as an Initiate or not.
Trial periods may vary in length . If we find you full of awesomeness, we may accept you fully quite fast!

*Due to timezone differences and that our members are mostly active within 5 pm GMT to 1 am GMT,
we are now only accepting applications from EU applicants. This is to avoid anyone outside the EU time zones being all alone in this big and scary world.


By The Way:

You are encouraged to join our Discord server and register on our forum as a means to get to know the members of Connect Gaming. Simply: the better we know you, the more likely it is that we accept you as a member and a true friend.

However, know this: we’ve been around and about before, we’ve had our share of members come through Connect Gaming, we’ve seen them come and go. We don’t hesitate to screen our members out if we find them unfitting for the clan. Misbehaving, trolling, ragequitting, whining, elitist and toxic gamers don’t find themselves in Connect Gaming for very long.

We’re a bunch of laid back, adult gamers, not a clan that takes this shit all too seriously like so many others. It doesn’t matter to us that you’re not the best player, what matters to us is that you’re friendly, have a good attitude and play by the rules.

We take the piss a lot, so a good sense of humor and some general stupidity is also recommended.


That is all.