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More Than Gamers

POSTED BY Ca9ine 14/02/2016

Connect Gaming isn’t what it used to be.

We were once a thriving community and clan full of gamers all sitting around causing havoc on our servers and on our friends’ servers. We were always around playing Battlefield 2 or Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars or any other multiplayer game we were into at the time. We were younger, had less responsibilities and most members had no life-partner and/or kids needing attention and dedicated time.

That’s not the case anymore.
And that’s fine. Actually, it’s great.

As I write this, Connect Gaming is nine years old.  That speaks for itself really, but hear me out:

We grew up. All of us. (Well, almost all of us. I’ll exclude at least myself from that claim.)
Some of us went through major life-changing events, both positive and negative. Divorce, marriage, near divorce, girlfriends, loss, having children -the works. Life, basically.

All this has resulted in the clan going dormant at times, members going inactive and shutting down our game servers. But here’s the thing: most of us never left behind what we once were, or still are. We are still around.  Once a member calls out for the rest, we all show up. No longer limited to gaming, but for perhaps just a chat. Unloading of some stressful crap, or the sharing of some joyful crap! (Like fathering/birthing a child..? Happily divorcing somebody..? Yes. Probably.)

We are still Connect Gaming. It seems we always will be!

/end rant

Actually, no. Not quite yet.

I’m no writer, so I can’t really put to words every little thing I “feel” about the matter.
But I know of a guy who once did. I’ve posted his piece once on an old, now lost Connect Gaming website. Some of you may have heard of it before, or even read it. If you haven’t, you’re about to get an eye-opener.

Some have said TL;DR, come back, read it through and sat back -jaw dropped.

With permission, we’ve chosen to give the piece a page of its own right here on our website.
It’s known under two names ‘Clanner vs.  Gamer’, or the wider known ‘The Rant of a Clanner’
-by David Campbell aka. PestControl of the IronKnights [IRN]

The IronKnights clan, as far as I know, does not exist anymore, but I spoke to an old member via a dedicated Facebook page, who found the original article for me and told me we should use it if we wanted to.

Read it here.