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Summertime Sadness

POSTED BY Ca9ine 28/07/2017

It’s Summertime!
That is both great and a little sad.

Great because the weather is warm (in most places), and vacations are being had. We get to see that yellow thing in the sky that hurts our eyes when we look at it, and many of us travel to places we usually don’t get to travel to too often. Beaches are being used, and cooling dunks in the sea happens regularely. Grandparents and aunts give kisses, and lemonade is being had. Annoying-as-all-hell kids are yelling and shrieking in the streets.

Also: ice cream. Yes.


The sad part is that gaming doesn’t happen as much, though. Members of the clan are away or forced to go outside for IRL-interaction with other humans. Requirements of adulting and uttering “IT’S TOO DAMN HOT!” statements. Anxiety, pretty much.

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The World of Warcraft guild sees less activity and getting a decent group together becomes hard. The Overwatch team can’t get a good stack together to hunt that Competetive SR. We may even have to fly solo in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and in Escape From Tarkov – dangerous times!

But Don’t Fret!

When all this is over, when the weeks of sunbathing is over and the mere thought and sight of other human beings interacting offline is making us regurtitate a little in our mouths, we will return for all the gaming loveliness that is Connect Gaming! We again will sit in Discord and nerd rage over each death, lose our shit over raid wipes, blame competetive losses on everyone else (especially Hanzo picks), accuse others of hacking, stream our sessions to all the ‘fans’ and make fun of strange accents and hilarious voices we hear in the in-game voice chats. Yes, friends- raids, matches and rounds will yet again be had.

Fuck Summertime! It’s TOO DAMN HOT anyways..!
Good times.