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The Raid team is ready!

We will march forward on Tomb of Sargeras to kill some bosses and get some decent loot!

There may be some teething problems in the beginning, but it should be expected when trying to get a lot of people together in such a short amount of time. Me and Chris have discussed days to raid and times.

From the information we had, we have come up with the following schedule…..

Wednesday 8pm – 10/11pm
Friday 8pm – 10/11pm

Both of which are server time. (check your timezone if you don’t know it already! :D)

Our first raid will be to the timewalking Black Temple, purely as a get together for anyone that can and wants to come along. From there, we will hit Tomb of Sargeras.

If anyone has any issues with the days or times of the raids…..PLEASE speak up. We WILL try our best to get you involved.

Also, remember that this is an optional part of our community. We do not EXPECT anyone to be there. If you have an accident, have to do something or plainly can’t be bothered that day….that is absolutely fine. We are not dictators, and so shall not be giving you MINUS DKP! (or anything along those lines, plus a joke for the vanilla players).

Keep an eye on the in game calendar for events and most of all….